The Residence Programme

Intended applicants: Individuals who are nationals of the EU, EEA or Switzerland, who are in receipt of at least €100,000 annually which arises outside Malta and is received in Malta, and do not intend on spending over 183 days in any single jurisdiction outside of Malta.

Main conditions for eligibility:

  • Purchase or rental of a qualifying property in Malta
  • Must be in possession of sickness insurance (which must also cover any dependents)
  • Must be able to adequately communicate in Maltese or English.


Tax treatment:

  • Income received in Malta from foreign sources is taxed at the rate of 15% (minimum tax of €15,000 annually is payable).
  • Right to claim double taxation relief.
  • Can apply for a work permit to work in Malta (income arising in Malta subject to tax at 35%)

A Certificate of Tax Residency may be issued by the Maltese tax department (subject to the beneficiary satisfying to the Maltese tax department that s/he is a tax resident of Malta).

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