Cloud Accounting

IMS applies Cloud Based Accounting systems to all our projects and clients giving access to live real-time information and data.

As technology has drastically challenged and changed every industry, IMS have been at the forefront of monitoring the developments and benefits of cloud accounting as cloud accounting is redefining the future of the financial industry. 

What is cloud accounting?

Cloud accounting is the use of accounting systems that can be accessed through internet and which allows users to access the data online anywhere, anytime and from any device.


What are the key benefits of cloud accounting?

·        Save Time by automating processes and allowing clients to focus more on developing their business;

·         Save Money as there are minimal software related costs and a solution can be tailored to your business needs to reduce other overheads;

·         Live Access to the accounting data through internet and allowing clients to improve efficiency and performance by making decisions based on insight from live data. This also enhances communication and sharing of information;

·         Reporting is accessible in real-time and reports can be tailor made to any specific requirements, enabling clients to instantly assess data and ensure they can fine tune their business strategy;

·         Security of data is high, as data is safely secured and backed up to a server (or multiple servers) as per the cloud accounting platform. Access to data is only granted when the login credentials have been successfully verified.

Our Services Include:


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