Aviation & Shipping

Over the years IMS has seen a steady increase in its involvement in the aviation & shipping sector. We provide corporate support to business aviation as well as full transaction support in purchase, finance, re-finance, conditional re-sale, leasing and sub-leasing transactions.

The experience of IMS to date, coupled with the Maltese Governments declared strategy of placing Malta in the forefront for both business and commercial in the shipping and aviation sector, provides us with the capacity to cater to all client requirements in this industry.


The Maltese regulatory framework provides incentives to promote the creation of Malta as an aviation and shipping hub, which can be exploited to offer clients commercially attractive sound structures.

A further avenue worth exploring is the advantages available to private aircraft owners, especially after the introduction of the VAT guidelines applicable from January 2013


The Malta shipping register has developed to provide versatile solutions to cover ship owner exigencies. Efficient structures exist for the registration of ships of all description. The Maltese Registrar is staffed by experienced personnel ensuring efficient handling of client requirements.

Malta provides for the registration (and all ancillary services) of the traditional shipping industry, for example the registration of tankers, cargo ships, cruise ships, barges, tugs, oil rigs (including ships under construction) but also provides for the registration of pleasure yachts and register for commercial yachts. Malta provides for a leasing structure that may be beneficial to private owners opting to have a VAT Paid certificate for their vessel.

The Maltese legislation caters for:

  1. Yachts and Pleasure Crafts
  2. Commercial Yachts
  3. Ship Finance and Mortgage Registration

Our Services Include:




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