Ordinary Residence Permit

Intended applicants: EU, EEA and Swiss nationals who intend on residing in Malta for a period of over three months. Such persons are eligible to reside in Malta on the basis of employment, economic self-sufficiency, study or being family members of an eligible person.

Main conditions for eligibility:

  • Must obtain an Ordinary Residence Permit within the first three months of residing in Malta and would then be regarded as being resident (but not domiciled) in Malta;
  • Must physically reside in Malta for a period of six months or more in a calendar year.

Tax treatment:

  • Tax is charged at progressive rates (capped at a maximum of 35%) on Malta sourced income and capital gains, and on foreign source income (excluding foreign source capital gains) that is remitted to Malta.
  • Persons resident but not domiciled in Malta will be subject to a minimum tax of €5,000 annually in Malta if:
    • They are not taxable in Malta in accordance with a scheme in with a minimum amount of tax is payable in Malta; and
    • They derive income arising outside Malta amounting to €35,000 or more.
  • Other than the previous point, no tax is chargeable on foreign sourced income that is not remitted to Malta.
  • Capital gains are tax exempt in Malta, even if they are remitted to Malta.
  • Bank interest earned in Malta can be taxed at a 15% final withholding tax.

N.B. Persons who have been continuously residing in Malta for a period of 5 years may apply for permanent residence.


For further detailed information, please send us an email on residency@imscons.com.

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