Trustees and Fiduciaries

Trusts in Malta are regulated by the Trusts and Trustees Act. This Act provides for the creation of trusts and the authorisation and supervision of trustees.

The Trusts and Trustees Act (TTA) defines a trust as existing when ‘a person (called a trustee) holds, as owner, or has vested in him property under an obligation to deal with that property for the benefit of persons (called the beneficiaries), whether or not yet ascertained or in existence, which is not for the benefit only of the trustee, or for a charitable purpose or for both such benefit and purpose aforesaid

The Maltese trust is akin to the British trust and the concepts and organization are very similar.

 IMS Services

At IMS we are able to provide clients with the full spectrum of Trust related services, from the structuring to trustee services. Please contact us should you require further information and we would be happy to forward to you a fact sheet, without obligation.