Residence Schemes

Taxation of Individuals Moving to Malta

Malta offers two forms of incentive schemes that are available for individuals who are moving to Malta:

Special Tax Treatment for Highly Qualified Professionals:

In 2011, Malta introduced a tax incentive scheme that targets highly qualified personnel moving to Malta to work in the financial services and igaming industries. The following are the benefits that are available under the scheme to highly qualified professionals earning a minimum of € 75,000 amongst other criteria:

1. Individuals having their domicile outside of Malta and who are employed in a senior position with a company that is licensed or recognised by the Malta Financial Services Authority or the Lotteries and Gaming Authority can benefit from a flat income tax rate of 15% on income up to € 5,000,000.

2. Any income over € 5,000,000 will be tax free

Taxation for High-Net-Worth-Individuals:

High-Net-Worth-Individual (HNWI) who take up residence in Malta can benefits from a flat tax rate of 15% on foreign income remitted to Malta (foreign capital gains are exempt). Income in Malta will be taxed at the normal progressive tax rates up to a maximum rate of 35%. A number of criteria will apply for a individual to classify an HNWI and be eligible for the 15% flat tax rate. Please contact should you require more information related to the criteria for eligibility.

IMS Services:

If you are considering relocating your residence to Malta, you may contact us for more information to understand which scheme applies to your situation.