Business Process Outsourcing

Our experience in the financial services industry, has resulted in the development of a strong and efficient back office operation. This has allowed us to develop a team that can provide for the accounting, financial, administrative requirements and certain logistics functions of our clients. The clients have the opportunity to outsource their business functions to our specialist team. IMS is therefore in a position to assume responsibility for the accounting, financial and administrative requirements of our international clients, allowing them the freedom to focus on their core business activities.

Outsourcing a business process provides the business with the essential time to enable corporate strategy planning and implementation such as new product development, entering new markets, etc. Our back office system is effectively a centralised team of professionals which integrates into the clients business process. The client benefits from our economies of scale and scope and the resulting flexibility outsourcing allows.

The team of professionals possessing strong academic and professional credentials allowing clients to plug into a full-spectrum of accounting, finance, administrative and logistics skills. The team works with clients who have operation both in Malta as well as global operations. They are therefore accustomed to liaising with clients irrespective of their location. Our IT infrastructure enhances the communication whereby it is easy to transfer information between our team and our clients.

IMS Services

Our team is structured to become your Business Process Outsourcing partner and back office support. Please contact us should you require more information about our Business Process Outsourcing services and how they can be tailored to your corporation.