Investment Funds

Investment funds in Malta are regulated by the Investment Services Act (ISA) which was set-up in 1994. The Act provides for funds domiciled in Malta to be formed into a range of vehicles including, closed ended and open-ended corporate entities, incorporated cell companies, unit trust and limited partnerships or funds.

The ISA also provides for the structuring of Retail funds and Professional Investor Funds. Professional Investor Funds (PIFs) can be classified as an alternative investment fund that is targeted to the high net worth investors.

The Maltese regulatory framework for funds and is fiscal and tax framework are at par with EU directives. The regulatory landscape and cost benefits analysis of Malta as a fund jurisdiction has resulted in a steady increase in Funds being domiciled in Malta.

Retirement Schemes are regulated by a tailor made regime under the Special Funds (Regulation) Act (2002).

IMS Services

At IMS, we can assist in the Private Investor Fund and Retirement Scheme sector both in the setting up process and on an ongoing basis thereafter. We are available and are well connected with third parties to appoint persons to provide key role functions in the sector. Please contact us should you require further information.