Malta offers interesting opportunities for the iGaming Industry. The Remote Gaming Regulations issued in early 2004 by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA) enhanced the existing rules and Malta’s reputation of trust by both players and operators. Since then, there has been a rapid growth in the industry. Currently, Malta, hosts approximately 10% of all online betting – a sure testament to the high reputation and standing of the Maltese legislative framework and service providers.

In September 2007, Malta became one of the first jurisdictions to be included in UK’s white list, and it so remains today. This means that Malta licensees can advertise in the UK.

The LGA allows most forms of interactive iGaming to be carried out in Malta including but not limited to Amusement Machines, Casino Gaming, Commercial Bingo Games, Commercial Communication games, Gaming Devices, Remote Gaming, Sports Betting, the National lottery and other lotteries and Non-Profit Games.

The Remote Gaming Legislative set by the LGA, is SET to maintain and enhance the reputation of the domicile. The main objectives of the legislation are to ensure, the proper operation on interactive games, The protection of players, The prevention of money laundering, Exigencies of public interest. The legislation has proved its worthiness and as a consequence of the same, many of the major player in the remote gaming industry are represented in Malta.

IMS Services

At IMS we are set up to help you with all aspects of the remote gaming industry, assisting you in every detail from the basic setting up, obtaining licenses and maintaining a fully operational set up. IMS also offers specialised Business Process Outsourcing services to the iGaming industry. We have created a back office system that has extensive experience handling the administrative, accounting and financial business functions for the iGaming industry.

We are prepared to assist you in the area retailing to the above. Please contact us for further information.